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ARGH. Just finished a melodrama and now there’s a new one that looks good. Damnnit Korea I’m not ready for a Russian roulette of emotions!  

woooww life just likes fucking with me. 


EP 10! 
Oxygen Magnesium!! There are some hints about Yong dying! omgg nooooooo! I’ve shed enough tears these pass episodes. I can’t. PLEASE PLEASE writers! Happy Ending!


ROCK OF AGES (movie)


She’s Out Of My league

ALAS, the torture starts. askjdhakshjdasd


I want to go watch Jack The Giant Slayer. :/ Problem is… I’m not motivated to go. heh.

uh-huh. here we fucking go again. *sigh*

SOOOO. I’ve been having the urge to watch She’s The Man again. I’ve seen it many times but I feel like it’s time to watch it again. hehe

THAT movie and I’m still deciding on what other movie should I watch next before I go to sleep. :/ suggestions??

9:55 pm - Watching A Werewolf Boy now. YAAAY! I have been waiting for the english subtitles for awhile now. BRB for the reaction! 

11:59 pm - LOVE THE MOVIE. IT did broke my heart though. D; Song Joong Ki is such a fantastic actor so is the girl. One thing for sure I didn’t like about the movie though: THE ENDING. Like WTF?! I mean, it’s a good ending. I just didn’t want to turn out that way that it did. SHIZZ. You will know what I mean if you watch the movie.

I didn’t cry because I was too busy concentrating my hatred about the ending. But I did cry when the credits towards the end of the movie came out. You’ll know what I mean if you watch the movie.


4/5 because of the ending. Buying it on dvd! 

I swear, why do I even have unlimited text? -.-